untitled. is a cosy little hideout, where you can escape from the bustle of city life for a while. Daylight filters through the linen curtains used to wrap the entire bar, enveloping it with warm and soft hues. The setting feels intimate and romantic, thanks to the monochrome interior and use of natural tones and textures. Seat yourself at the beautiful marble bar. Enjoy.

The Jane chef Nick Bril and untitled. chef Joeri Timmermans fuse their signature styles to create a playful and rustic menu.

After ten years in Asia and Australia, Dutch head chef Joeri Timmermans lands himself at untitled. In his luggage, he brings a bold and cosmopolitan cooking style, a love of cooking on fire, and an impressive knowledge of flavours and spices from around the world. Combined with Nick Bril's refined cuisine, this promises to be an outstanding and accomplished interplay.

At untitled. dishes are that little bit bolder and trendy, and prices have been set to be deliberately accessible. A little or a lot of time? Anything goes, the different menu formulas at the bar offer a vast amount of flexibility.

Do you opt in for destination untitled.? What is presented on your plate is locally sourced, and packed full of global flavours. Vegetables here get the attention they deserve, coming from local farms such as Zilt en Zoet and the rooftop farm of nearby PAKT. Fish, seafood and shellfish shine in their purity, and meat lovers can select their own meat from the integrated aging station.

Sommelier Trésor Vets presents a range of natural wines, focussing on natural origin and biodynamic processes. Aperitif or after-dinner drinks? The drinks menu is curated with great creativity and flair and is adjusted according to the seasons.

Can't wait for 19 January either? Then book your spot now.

untitled. in practice

Come as you are. In a hurry or relaxed? Chef Joeri Timmermans offers something for every type of visit.

  • Choose your favourite from the à la carte menu.
  • A quick, yet sophisticated, bite to eat for lunch? Enjoy a light four-course lunch menu (€65) and you’ll be back outside an hour and a half later.
  • Need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Come get settled at the bar and choose between our five-course (€79) or six-course menu (€99).
  • If a late-afternoon aperitif is what you’re searching for, pop in for a drink and some bar food, provided there is room, of course.
  • After dinner drinks following a meal at The Jane? Relax and take a sip from the ever-changing cocktail menu.

opening hours

Thursday to Sunday. You can visit anytime from 11.30 am to midnight.

untitled. will be closed due to holidays on: Monday 3 April to Wednesday 19 April 2023, Monday 10 July to Wednesday 2 August 2023 and Monday 9 October to Wednesday 18 October 2023.


From 1 December, you can make reservations for January. untitled. will open its doors on Thursday 19 January 2023. From 8 December, reservations for February will open. From 1 February 2023, you can start to make reservations on the first of every month for the month that follows. On 1 February for the month of March, on 1 March for the month of April, and so on.